What they say about me

Yolanda treated my 13-year-old daughter. It was a difficult time for her since she was beginning her adolescence; she is an intelligent girl and suddenly began to be a disaster in high school, she loss interest in everything, very irascible. I knew Yolanda from having done some workshops with her and I called her since I did not want the typical psychologist. The first thing I liked was that she suggested coming home so that my daughter would be much more comfortable.

The truth is that in the first session she already saw everything was happening to her. She needed to change institute and toxic relationships. We did as Yolanda suggested for the following year and the change was incredible! Yolanda is very sensitive person and detects problems very quickly, she is very sweet and affectionate, she immediately won over my daughter. The truth is that we were delighted with her!! It changed the life of my daughter and of course mine!!


My great experience with Yolanda started 3 years ago. I met her at work and I can assure you that little by little she began to be part of my life in a very special way. She would come in the morning had a chat with me and changed my vision of things to better. Her positivity, energy, strength, affection, joy… they made you smile even in the most difficult days. The day I told her about my personal life issues was when I saw her great professionalism appeared.

We dealt with everything from family problems, fears, phobias, healthy eating to problems that kept me away from sleeping properly. I can assure you one thing, “she never left me alone” Over time she went from being a girl who made my mornings and days happy to being my friend, my therapist, my “White Witch”, my “Angel”. Her professionalism has no limits. While I was her patient she never left me alone for a moment, even for the smallest concern she always was there. I finished the sessions with her totally renewed, with a lot of strength, a clear mind and ready to eat the world. A call, a message, a voice message … She always had the key word to calm you down.

I can only thank her and encourage you to count on her for any problem that distresses you like stress, phobias, depression, lack of self-esteem … etc. She is not just any professional, she is Yolanda Arquero.


Yolanda has been an incredible addition to my life. I first met her years ago in Ireland where she helped me hugely with a project i was doing at college. With the tools she gave me it enabled me to complete a talk that I had to do as part of my course. The techniques that were used just simplified what I was doing. I completed my talk with no fear and ended up with a distinction.
I then contacted Yolanda again as I was going through tough personal problems at the time. Through this time I met many obstacles which caused me great stress. Talking with Yolanda helped me see things clearly and I was able to start a process to re building my life.
Yolanda is kind, warm, intelligent, sensitive, informative, humorous  knowledgeable and structured lady. This I feel gives her the ability to help many people thorough there struggles.
Yolanda truely has made such a difference to my life. I have recommended her to other friends and will continue to do so.


Since I have been walking hand by hand with Yolanda I have been making big steps in my personal and spiritual development. Her intuitive “approach” towards your soul needs to evolve means that the tools we work with are the correct ones for each person. Her follow-up is incredibly personalized, despite having done other therapies before, this time I am connecting dots and making progress on issues that I had stuck thanks to her guidance. I encourage you to check it out personally and feel it!.


Yolanda is an excellent therapist with a lot of knowledge in her field, both theoretical and practical. She adapts her knowledge and experience in Hypnotherapy and NLP according to the needs of each patient, always achieving a transformation in their life not matter the size of the goal. In addition to her great professionalism, Yolanda has a very close relationship since she is empathetic, affectionate and open-minded.


I was working with Yolanda because I was having a bad time with my husband and I felt very disconnected from myself. From the first session the change was amazing and in just 4 sessions I am a different person. Working with Yolanda gave me the tools to learn to identify what was happening to me, accept it and learn to love myself. I was in a moment of absolute lockdown and she pulled me out of it.

Now I have the tools to overcome next episodes like the one I experienced and I am a much stronger person.

Thank you very much Yolanda! I will always thank you.


I was stuck in a loop of negativity, low self-esteem, and aimless.
We started working together and she has accompanied me at all times and has given me the love, support and understanding that I so badly needed.

Today I can say that my life has changed, I feel more confident in myself and I have taken the reins since I have the tools that she has provided me to face all of it.

Yolanda has given “Light to my life”.