What is Transformational Coaching?

Transformation is the process of change, whilst keeping the primal identity.  Therefore, we can define this coaching methodology in a simple and understandable way as the vehicle towards this metamorphosis starting from the BEING.

To find this starting point we should go deep into your Operating System. The intention is always to go to the core, to the heart of the matter, to that shadow/light space, full of both, limitations and infinite possibilities.

Go beyond your beliefs about who you are to get to the real question: who do you choose to be?

The ultimate goal is that you could be able to connect with your inner wisdom in order to solve your problems in an effective way, no matter what is going on outside.

About me

My Spiritual Journey starts at a very young age when I have no choice but to learn how to heal myself and understand why I “felt” different when I was a kid.

Life can put you through trials very early on and you only have 2 options: either you sink or you learn to swim. 

I ONLY share my experience this way so you can understand that my teachings come from my personal journey through challenging decisions that helped me to make my story not end in a sad tale.

I hope you could find it inspiring helping you to trust in your inner courage to overcome and reach whatever you want.

Today, thanks to my own learning, I feel highly capable of helping others in their own story of improvement. I am deeply grateful to witness the personal change of those who come to me for any reason.

I want to believe that I belong to a new generation group of Hybrid therapists who combine an extensive amount of professional tools along with innate psychic and spiritual skills.  This combination makes the techniques of each of us highly personalized, specific and at the same time, rooted in a practical process of actionable transformation. 

“You have the power, I will teach you”

Yolanda Arquero

My professional studies include

NLP Master Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Life Coach Diploma, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master in Meditation, Reiki Master and Access Bar Therapist.

Yolanda has additional training as a Physiotherapist Assistant, Infant Therapeutic Massage Instructor, Pilates Diploma from Body Control UK, Specialization in Pilates for pregnancy and postpartum, Diploma time management,  Diploma stress management, Training EFT, Jin Shin Jyutsu Therapist, Personal Trainer etc.

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Confessions over a cup of tea…


This is my Life’s purpose, I love my job. I am here, by your side, – starting with you- to change the world.


I just came back to Granada (my hometown) but I have been an expat in several countries, so I feel comfortable speaking English, Spanish & Portuguese.


I am Mother of 2 amazing kids who teach me everyday the Magic of Life.


I think with the heart & feel with the brain.


Every person I walk with, I do it 200%, it is a non-stop connection & follow up. This is why I only work with a limited nº of clients , so I keep myself energetically and fully available for you.


My method may not for everyone, I slide myself away from Science to Spirituality in seconds. I am able to feel, listen and see the intangible. If you TRUST, we will reach to a very special place of TRUTH and re-union.

There is no fear of being yourself. There is no fear of being your priority. 

There is no fear embracing your soul and merging into one ”.

Yolanda Arquero

Trust and let yourself be guided.

If you want to reconnect with your Being and feel your great inner power, Contact me.

They say about be…