Let’s work together!

If you got here now this is because you have been guided to read this lines, I invite you to feel the call of your inner voice so we can discover together what it is that is blocking you to reach your dreams.

Take it as an opportunity to invest in your most powerful asset: yourself.

Discovery call

No obligation & free consultation to get to know each other, share needs, planning and the most important: feel that we connect. Book your Free Discovery Call here.


Initial Consultation

In this session, I draft an anamnesis (data compiled in our medical record with the purpose to have a clear diagnosis) trough specific questions that will draw a roadmap to our goals. This same day you will feel moving forward activating something inside you.

180€ (VAT included)

Transformation programs

(4 season pack)

You will start noticing visible results by the initial commitment of this step: you will achieve a profound change in the way you see yourself, in how you manage yours and others’ emotions, when facing obstacles or tensions, you will feel more control over your decisions and emotions and this will bring you more coherence and more peace of mind.

These are practical tools that will be available for good so that from the first moment you begin to feel that you are the owner of your life, and not of your blockages. 

The programs are active on both sides, in which there is work and follow-up between sessions, so we recommend weekly sessions to ensure greater effectiveness.

NOTE: 95% of the people I have worked with have managed to evolve and achieve their transformation in these 4 sessions. In the Initial Consultation we analyze the hurdle we want to overcome together and evaluate if it is necessary to have more sessions as we review the whole process.

600€ (VAT included)

Quit Smoking & Hipno Coach

After years of experience accompanying people to quit smoking ,  I have created my own “Hypno Coach” method. The program consists of an online hypnosis session (maximum two hours) + 6 weeks of accompaniment through whatsapp with neuro-coaching. 

If you have finally made up your mind to take a step forward and drop this addition by joining this program you will be able to achieve your goal without side effects such as anxiety or weight disorders.. It is totally painless and no medication is taken regardless of the amount of tobacco consumed before.

450€ (VAT included)

NOTE: If you don’t quit smoking within 3 months following the session, I offer a free hypnosis booster session.

Phobias (2 session pack)

Fear of flying, driving a car again after a crush, fear of spiders, agoraphobia /claustrophobia, panic over blood or injections…these are just a few examples out of the thousands of common phobias that exist.

With NLP, hypnosis and/or regression sessions we are able to heal a specific phobia within 2 sessions. If there is more than one phobia or it is related to other processes in treatment, it will be associated in your initial evaluation. 

NOTE: despite the nature or origin of the phobia or the rarity may be known before starting the sessions, we will address the possible traumatic events and the information hidden in the unconscious until we find a way to overcome it effectively

300€ (VAT included)

One off session

This session is exclusively for people who have already worked with me  in any of our programs and may need a follow-up or specific support.

If you need to solve a specific problem, an important personal or professional decision that is getting stuck or specific revisions on any previous work, this is the modality you need to go for.

150€ (VAT included)

Do you want to work with me?

Learn more about my process and discover how I work.

Terms and conditions

Payments to be made prior sessions via Bizum or bank transfer.

Cancellations are accepted up to 24 hours prior sessions, otherwise, there will not be any reimbursement. 

Schedule changes must be agreed upon 24 hours in advance, otherwise the full amount for the session will be charged.

Sessions will be arranged on a weekly basis, unless otherwise agreed by both parties (or follow-up programs for former clients), in order to favour the flow of the work in common.

Consultations have an estimated duration of 1h 15′ with a certain margin of extension if required by the therapist.

Yolanda code of ethics

1. Absolute commitment not to reveal total or partial information about patients without prior consent. Trust with the client is the most important thing for me and everything shared in and out the sessions is strictly confidential.

2. Maximum respect for the rights or preferences of clients, even if they do not join any of the programs offered. I will never force any exchange of information or opinion that the client has not requested.

3. My personal values and years of experience bring humbleness, objectivity and professionalism to all services provided, and this is with the ultimate aim of helping and being at the service of client’s healing.

4. I am part of a guild that is dedicated to the global wellbeing of humanity which I respect, support and for which I encourage a collaborative practice between all.