The first thing our soul does when we suffer deeply is disconnect from our emotions, our body and our environment to protect ourselves and look for protection in another reality.

Inner Balance Soul is my signature, my super power of transformation to help you understand and connect with your soul. If you understand in a very simple way that your Soul is your Essence, you will understand that your body and your mind cannot live a full life without being connected with your soul in a balanced and healthy way. 

The main reason why your soul disconnects is to protect you and not suffer anymore, although normally suffering is still present because you do not feel identified or you do not find meaning in your life (something common in the human condition).

This disconnection usually occurs after having suffered trauma (or what your inner child understood as a trauma) such as:


Incoherence of your actions with your will or values


Rejection / humiliation

Prolonged states of grief

Violence of any kind


Physical, emotional and sexual abuse

All these traumas cause profound suffering at the cellular level and also unconsciously in us. So, when our soul disconnects we can feel lost, depression, lack of self-esteem, anxiety, addictions, anger, apathy, desire to want to disappear from this world, repetition of negative patterns, unhappiness, lack of energy, fear, disability to express your emotions or to connect with your heart and a great fog or mental noise.

In the process of reintegrating the fragments of your soul you will be able to feel multiple positive changes in your life, in your health, in your emotions and in your mind such as:

Feel fullness and strength

Choose love over fear

Gain a new perspective that will bring more mental clarity and solutions

Feel connection with your Higher Self

Manage your choices properly

Strength to let go of what does not bring value to your life

Find meaning in your life / your life mission with established values ​​and healthy limits

My mission is to help you reconnect and align yourself with your true self, if you don’t know what it means yet, it is something that we will discover together in a very special way. We could say that, I communicate with your soul in the same language and I teach you to remember how to do it yourself from now on. In this way, you will be able to listen, see, feel and make decisions from the right place … not from the character that you had been created full of conditioning and mind. The wisdom of your intention dwells in you and I am a channel so that together we can be co-creators of your new life experience. A life where you are aware of your Inner power and you acknowledge yourself.

The work we do with your Soul is very powerful, delicate and beautiful, it is an honor for me to be of service and guide you on this path that always nurtures in both directions.