¿How we work?

Our Focus will be mainly on listening to you. I start by connecting with your words and feeling what your physical and energetic bodies are communicating. From here, as a team, we will work on the areas we have identified that need to be addressed.

The structure, content and direction of the sessions are fully customized. We will build a safe space where we attend your specific needs.

1/ Free Discovery Call

To start with, as in every good relationship, we need to figure out if we connect, so we can feel comfortable working together. I invite you to break the ice so we can get to know each other in a free call (20/30 min) where we can make a first contact and check your needs. How does it sound? You can book it here. 

2/ First Consultation

Once we know we can get on and we want to start this journey together, our first step will be to set up we will set up the foundations of your transformation process and start to work from that moment in the same direction. Duration: 1h.30 max.

This is for you when…

  • You are ready to take responsibility in the areas of your life you want to change and improve. You are willing to take this time to work on you

  • You are willing to discover your best self and validate yourself in front of the mirror.

  • You would like to feel that your life & relationships are tuned with your goals/dreams.

  • You are tired of being afraid, insecure or worried.

This is not for you when…

  • You want your problems to solve themselves and someone to give you everything already done.

  • You are not willing to communicate, show vulnerability or open up to the magic of change.

  • You don’t allow yourself to receive feedback in an honest and respectful way for your own benefit.

  • You don’t want to invest in yourself and your own well-being.



Quit smoking for good with Hypno-coach (my own method). One session of online hypnosis + 6 weeks of accompaniment with neuro-coaching.


NLP sessions and hypnosis with the possibility of regression to overcome unconscious fears, if necessary.


8-week program, no anxiety or rebound effect.


Due to the harassment and mistreatment of other adults, you may be feeling job burnout, emotional insecurity, stress, insomnia and anxiety. Diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome can even be somatized. Put an end to it and rescue yourself with my accompaniment.


Adolescence involves significant physical, cognitive and emotional changes. When conflicts arise with our children we can feel powerless because of the magnitude of the problems that appear. Let’s work and resolve those conflicts together.


Let’s analyze together the characteristics and type of pathology that you are suffering from. We will find the therapeutic measures indicated for your particular disorder so that you do not feel blockages in your life.


Depending on whether we feel good or bad about ourselves, we will communicate with more or less confidence respectively. Work on your self-esteem and you will have the success of communication with yourself and with others.


This is a trip to your Soul where we will treat traumas, programming, conditioning or anything that has taken you away from your mission in life.


Consultations are fully online, you only need either your phone or your computer and a quiet place to attend the video call. I have verified this is a highly effective system, we connect from your safe space and optimize the time together.

All Transformational Programs include follow up, meaning that I will be available in a normal consultation schedule for Q/A or attend any vulnerability moment that might show up between our meetings.

My ultimate intention with this journey together is not making you dependant, on the contrary, you will learn step by step how to be your own guide and be self-sufficient.

“You have the power, I will teach you”

Yolanda Arquero