Besides the individualized work I develop in the transformational programs together with own content, I love to sum up to external projects with a shared vision, where I can help a large amount of people. If you have a project or idea to impact, I am available to build something nice & enriching for your audience.

My multicultural experience collaborating in different educational environments is my best truth. I love to be part of this global wellness & motivational movement, whose unstoppable growth is good for the sake of all.


I am organically positioning myself  in Human Profiles that have a big responsibility and influence into other groups of individuals. That’s why I create content, resources and coach leaders of the present future in order to support this ripple effect and help the collective. It is not your profession that matters, but your desire to transform and be an example in what you do and how you do it.

If you want to put your talents on service, empower your teams, inspire work for a higher purpose… I show you the tools so you can be the major agent for change.

“Real Leaders lead with Love”


I am particularly motivated and qualified in generating transformational experiences in own retreats or even as part of external programmes in the best wellness spaces. 

I  believe in the huge power of these gatherings and collaborations. My main goal is to feed this raising community of people investing in their own wellbeing choosing committing their free time to learn how nourish themselves in body + spirit.

Get in touch to know the specialized retreat programs or to let me know about your wellness space. 

Looking forward to hear from you.